Bait & Boilie

Ribière Bait and Boilie Range 2018

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that are bait and boilie range is of the highest quality. That’s because we want our fish to get the best and we want you to catch them. Our range is specially selected from the best suppliers and we take great care in how we prepare our maize, seeds and hemp. We add a range of special oils and attractors to them after cooking and during the resting process. They are absorbed back into the bait and release once applied giving you extra attraction and more fish on the bank.

Please order your bait early. I need your orders at least the month before you arrive as I make everything fresh for your visit.

All particles must be purchased from us. They are cooked fresh the week before you arrive. We supply hemp, maize, mixed seeds and pellets. Nuts are not allowed here at Ribiere. We also supply our own range of boilies – Ribière GOLD Monster Fish.

Bait prices (high quality cooked fresh for your visit, with added attraction as standard)

  5 kg 10Kg 15Kg 20kg
Maize 15€ 30€ 40€ 50€
Hemp 25€ 50€    
Boilie 55€ 110€    
Mixed Seeds 20€ 40€ 60€ 80€
Pellet       50€

Bulk bait deals available – see below.

Ribière GOLD  Monster Fish Boilies

Over the last year we have been developing a new boilie for exclusive use at Ribière . We are now able to launch Ribière GOLD. We have been feeding this bait over the winter and will use it when appropriate to supplement the carp diet throughout the year.

It is specifically formulated to aid the growth and health of the fish with a view to being used as a feed bait and natural food source.

Made with 100% natural ingredients we have produced  a HNV fishmeal boilie made from LT 94. This is a pre-digested, low temperature fishmeal. Our base mix has 45% fishmeal and then a blend of other ingredients – including natural liquid extracts, robin gold, soya, crushed shell and a special blend of amino acids to ensure attraction and digestibility. It’s made with free range eggs and contains no artificial colour, sweeteners or preservatives. The amino profile contains a unique and complete balance of L-aminos to tap into and enhance the carps’ feeding response. The final touch is a small number of natural ingredients to ensure palatability and digestibility, even at low temperatures.

Available only from Ribière . This is a very high quality bait and we are keeping the price as competitive as we can to ensure that anglers feel they can use it with confidence and without being overcharged.

Price – 11€ per kg (minimum order 5kg). 14mm, 18mm or 22mm.

Bulk Bait Deals

Economy Deal – 10kg Ribière GOLD– Monster Fish HNV boilie, 25kg Pellet and 10kg of maize/or mixed seeds – 165€  (save at least 25€). 

Premium Deal – 20kg Ribière GOLD Monster Fish HNV (18mm) plus 10kg maize/or mixed seeds for – 210€ (saving of 40€).

Group Deal – we are doing a special deal for 4 plus anglers plus: 80kg Ribière Gold – Monster Fish, boilie (18mm and 20mm), plus 40kg of maize/or mixed seeds for 800€ (200€ per angler – a massive saving of 50€ per angler)

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