Ribiere Big Carp – what’s the biggest carp in Ribiere?

Ribiere Big Carp – a quick look at some of the big fish caught in 2017.

2017 End of Year Review

David reviews some of the highlights and captures of 2017. Ten different fish over 60lb has got to be a good year.

Ribiere Catch Report – September

This weeks video catch report – a big fish week with a massive brace of Ribiere big carp to Peter.

Ribiere big fish – the watch list.

Well it’s been an exciting start to the Autumn with September bringing some bigger than expected fish. So here are my thoughts on what you can expect over the next few months and into the new season.

Autum kicks off with a bang – three fish at 68lb.

Stunning start to the Autumn with three fish at 68lb.

Bait Application at Ribiere

David talks through his thoughts on effective bait application and answers some key questions.

Ribière the Future

David sets out his vision and aspirations for Ribiere.

Ribière scaly fish

Take a look at some of our scaly fish. Some stunners to get you dreaming.

Ribière Big Commons

Looking forward to some big commons here at Ribiere.