Ribière scaly fish

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If you like catching scaly fish then we've got some up and coming fish to add to your list of Ribière must-have fish. Below are a small collection to get you dreaming. The Big Lyn and Big Scale top my list.

The Big Lyn

Well known and top of most people's list is the Big Lyn - one of the best looking fish we have in our lake and over the last 18 months she has gone from a nice 40lb fish to a simply stunning and must-catch 50+ fish.

Big Scale

Many of our regular anglers will have caught this fish.She is out at least four or five times a year and has been over 50lb on a few occasions, although after spawning she drops a lot of weight. Nevertheless a stunning fish and one of my favourites.

The Half Lyn

Another stunning looking fish and only caught a few times per year. The Half Lyn is a very distinctive fish. Another young and steady growing fish that has the potential to be well over 40lb in the future.

The Perfect Zip

What a fish! Only a mid 30lb but pushing on quickly and could be a nice 40lb in the next few years. A great fish to catch even at this weight and one to watch for the future.

Bella - the fully scaled

Another fish that seems, over the last couple of years, to have started to grow again. A mid 30lb fish but a stunner. Not a fast growing fish but one we think will be around for a long time and, who knows, could push on.

Apple Slice

Another stunning fish.  Again a slow but steady growing fish, in the mid to high 30lb range but just a peach of a fish to catch. Not caught often this fish. A great one for the album.


Another stunner and one that is already over 20kg/44lb and could go 50lb over the next year or so. Not caught often but seems to like Julien Filleul (Fox), who I think managed to catch it twice this year from pegs 8 and 9.

Well, there you go some nice fish to add to your photograph collection and let's hope some of them push on to achieve bigger things. It would be great to get one or two of them over 60lb and the Big Lyn could be one to watch. Enjoy!