Fish Care Guide

Fish care at Ribiere is critical to us. Please ensure you view the fish care video and that you have appropriate equipment, as set out in our rules. Large unhooking mats, nets and slings are provided. Fish over 55lb must be notified before they are photographed. All fish must be photographed in the water. Make sure you have chest waders with you – no exceptions.

General fish handling guide

1) Once the fish is in the net let it rest whilst you get everything on the bank ready – scales, water bucket, fishcare kit, photo equipment.

2) Never attempt to deal with large fish on your own. If the fish is over 55lb/25kg notify the owner (day or night) who will come and assist you.

3) Put on your chest waders and cut your line or rig before you take the fish out of the water.

4) Roll down the net and put the fish into the retaining sling making sure the fins of the fish are flat against its body.

5) With the aid of someone else lift the fish out of the water and onto your unhooking mat.

6) Remove the hook, treat the mouth and any other scale damage, remove the net. Take care with the tail of the fish when closing slings. Note that a lot of the fish here have very big tails and will thrash on a mat. Be prepared!

7) Weigh the fish and return to the mat. Use your water bucket to clean the fish and run water over the gills

8) Take the retaining sling and mat to the water and photograph in the water. Rest the fish before you take the pictures.

9) Rest the fish for a short time and then release from the retaining sling.

This whole process should not take you more than a few minutes. Please ensure that the care of the fish is your most important concern. You are the guardian of the fish when it is in your care on the bank. If I see anyone standing whilst holding fish they will not be allowed back. If I see people holding fish not over a mat you will not be allowed back. If I see people carrying fish back to the water you will not be allowed back. Please use common sense. If you are unsure ask for help. We want you to enjoy your stay and get good pictures. But we will not tolerate bad fish care.

Fish care rules – summary

  • Large unhooking mats are provided along with retaining slings please use them
  • Landing nets are provided
  • Anglers must carry carpcare kits and you must treat all hook holds and any damage
  • All fish MUST be photographed in the water. You need chest waders
  • All fish must be immediately released once photographed
  • NO sacking of fish – they are banned. Floating slings are provided for limited retention no longer than 10 minutes- to sort out your scales and camera or to get help for weighing
  • All fish over 55lb/25kg must be notified to the owner who will assist you with weighing and photography
  • All fish must be moved in large retaining slings and on mats to and from the water. No carrying fish in nets whatever the size
  • No carrying or holding of fish whilst standing, in or out of the water.

If in doubt please ask. We are here to help.