The pegs an overview


I will do my best to give you an overview of each of the pegs but when you are here ask me again as I will need to show you some of the options you have and its very dependent on the time of year and the water temperature, etc. Overall, there is no weed to speak of. We have crayfish but they are not a problem. Click the image and it will enlarge to full screen and you should be able to print them out.

Peg 1 (The Monk) and 2 (Neville’s). – One of the most popular parts of the lake. This is due to the options you have and lake depths. In winter you have deep water as it’s the dam end. You have almost 5 meters at the deep end. You have silt in the lake bed at 85 meters and you will see them bubbling here. You also have from peg 1 the dam wall margins and the close margins as well as the far bank. Peg 2 has options short and medium in the bowl, and the far margins. The young pads are holding fish on the far margin quite a bit and there are some rocks just off the orange marker which produce well. Peg 2 holds the record for the most fish in one week which was over 100 but that was some years ago. It’s harder now. Consistent pegs all year and very popular with our regular anglers.

Peg 1. you can see how nice the dam wall looks as it drops off. You can also see the near and far margin areas – how nicely they shelve up.

poste_1 poste_2

The picture with the pipe is peg 2. Note the tree stump is a snag. But also note how the deep water opens up from peg 3, The bowl.

Peg 3 (The Point/Peters Point)

Another very consistent peg. Again, it catches all year and you have a lot of options. In the deep channel, close in and a very, very nice area to the left on the far margin off the trees. The bottom is very sandy and hard and perfect for presenting a bait. One of the best areas on the lake in my view. You need to use your marker and lead around to find good spots. Alex likes it here.

poste_3 poste_4

Peg 4 (The Bridge)

Another good peg. The fish love it here. It’s become more difficult over the years but you still catch a lot of fish here. It’s the most technical peg on the lake as you are fishing the major snag – the bridge. Lots of very big stones to the right and left. So positioning the rods in the right place is critical. You must drop the lead and no leaders are allowed in this peg. Fish short on the sandy area or on the top of the bridge. You also have options at the bottom of the drop offs on either side and also the far margins. A great peg.

Peg 5

This peg is only fished individually as part of an exclusive or group booking and is not now sold separately. A difficult peg to get right. You need to fish in the right places on this peg and you need to rest the swim during the day at certain times of the year. If you like fishing short range this is a great peg on a south westerly to fish short. The far margin can also produce well with one rod in very shallow water close to the right hand tree. Fishes at its best between April and the end of September. You need to use your marker and find nice spots close in. Just look for the holes or fish the bottom of the ledges on the left of the peg.

poste_5 poste_6

Peg 6

This peg has become very productive over the last few years. There is a great area to the far margin on the extreme right. It’s part of the bay area which is a lovely hard sandy area which rises nicely out of the deeper water. I love this area. The fish spend a lot of time around the bay in seven and also along this far bank. There are some nice bank undercuts which the carp get into and you should find some of them and lay a trap here. Also don’t neglect the mid point and the near side margin especially at night. Find the areas where the hard sandy bottom meets the silt.

Peg 7 (The double)

I love peg 7. For me one of the most consistent pegs on the lake for most of the year. Some people don’t like it in the colder months, but I can tell you the fish are here all year long. During the main part of the season the fish are moving constantly between the deeper water and the shallow water. They love the bay and there are some great spots on the left side far margin. You have always got fish in and around the tree line. They love to hide here. You also have some nice areas closer in before the silt and some holes you can find. The close area on the right of the peg is quite neglected but the fish do go in here. You need to be at the mouth of the small inlet. Get your marker out or walk out and drop around. It’s not deep here. Fab peg – one I would always choose any time of the year.


Peg 8

Another good peg and often produces big fish. In fact I would say you catch less fish than other pegs but what you do catch always seems to be a big fish. Alex and Julie have been out here in the Spring and just before spawning. It always seems to do a few over 60lb during the year. It’s shallower water and they come up here in the spring a lot. During the rest of the year it’s more of a night peg. For some reason they don’t spend a lot of time here in the day. Maybe they can see your line more here. So rest it in the day and fish at night. If you get it right you will catch them. The far tree line is a pull but don’t ignore the near margin to the left and just out in front as it shelves up. Some great spots if you walk around and find them and use your marker.


Peg 9

This peg is turning into one of the nicest looking pegs on the lake. We have planted some pads in the bottom corner and the fish are now spending more time moving up and down this area. We have created a safe zone and roped this off beyond peg 9 and the fish also go in and out of here. So you always have a chance. The far margins and the rope are great spots. Two very nice holes the carp have made this year feeding so you know they get in here. Often not in big numbers but again it’s the big fish that are here. Last season’s best here was 20 for the week, all at night. So again rest it in the day if you can and fish the nights. You need to see where they are showing and get onto them. A proper angler’s swim this. You need to work it out and put the effort in. But it pays off.