The Rules

Fishery Rules

The rules are designed for the welfare of the fish, the comfort of our guests and a general concern for maintaining the environment. All visitors are requested to familiarise themselves with the fishery rules before fishing.

Fishing Rules

Rigs and Line

  • 15lb main line recommended (max – 18lb)
  • Three rods maximum per peg
  • All hooks must be micro barb no curved hooks. 
  • No hooks bigger than size N° 4
  • No nailer hooks or bent hooks are allowed.
  • 360 and Ronnie Rig are banned
  • No braided main lines
  • All rigs must allow fish to free themselves in case of a breakage. Peg 4 should drop the lead and be mindful of the snag.
  • No leaders on any kind and no lead core 
  • Only tubing and no longer than 1 metre.

In the interest of fish safety, regular rig checks will be carried out.


  • No artificial bait of any kind to be used. Including tipping baits with plastic. 
  • Only seeds purchased and cooked on site to be used.
  • Boilies and pellet only between March and June. 
  • All nuts are forbidden.
  • Maggots are not permitted.
  • No shelf life baits only fresh/freezer baits to be used.

Fish Care

  • Large unhooking mats, slings and landing nets are provided. You are not allowed to bring any of your own items on site. 
  • Anglers must carry carpcare kits and must treat every fish accordingly
  • All fish MUST be photographed and weighed in the water. You need chest waders. 
  • All fish must be immediately released once photographed
  • NO sacking of fish – they are banned
  • All fish over 55lb/25kg must be notified to the owner who will assist you with weighing and photography. Do not attempt to do this on your own.
  • All boots and waders must be dipped before you start fishing.


  • You are not allowed to leave your rods unattended at any time.
  • Bait-boats are allowed
  • The use of any boats other than bait boats is forbidden
  • Only green bivvies or camouflage pattern are accepted
  • Fishing is always catch and release
  • No stalking allowed
  • All litter must be placed in the appropriate 3 bins provided – glass – tins, plastic, card – general waste

Any infringement of the rules may result in being asked to leave the venue with no refund.