Opening week round-up

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Opening night was a great success this year one of the best in recent times. The weather conditions where very good mild, overcast, light rain and a south westerly. With fish showing all over the lake it didn’t take long for the fish to start slipping up. A lot of the fish have been in the shallower water over the previous few weeks so it did not surprise me that peg 7 opened the season with three fish banked and two lost on opening night. This included two 40lb fish and a 52lb fish.  The fish quickly wised up and moved away from the pressure resulting in over the rest of the lake. Nico and his friend who are on for two weeks then went on a great run of fish including some stunning young commons, two or three over 40Lb and two over 50Lb.

We are only 10 days into the season and we have had some very nice fish coming out with weights up on previous years. The fish look in very good condition and in my view have been feeding most of the winter. With water temperatures over 9 degrees they are moving. By my rough calculation we have seen 6 over 40lb to 48lb and 3 over 50lb to 52lb. Not a bad start considering we only have six anglers on the lake and the fish are moving off the pressure. The next few weeks will see more anglers and I fully expect Alex to be out over the next three weeks at what I hope will be a top weight. Those of you coming over the next few weeks please be prepared and don’t forget to inform either myself or Michel immediately if you have a fish over 60lb.

Fish Care

I am noticing some anglers still not being well enough prepared for landing the fish and taking care of them on the bank. The fish here are very long so you must ensure you have extra-large flotation slings and mats. If you are not sure please ask. Also all fish should have the hook hold treated after capture. You are all experienced carp anglers so please make sure you look after the fish.

One last thing, please ensure when you land a big fish that you stay calm and focus. Make sure you rest the fish for a short time before you take it out of the water. Use the time to make sure you have your camera and scales ready and that you have your carp care kit to hand and a water bucket. Do not keep the fish out of the water for prolonged periods of time and make sure photographs of fish over 50lb are taken in the water.  I know there is some resistance to this, as I keep seeing pictures of the fish on the bank and then in the water. Make sure you bring waders and that you take your pictures in the water. Once you start doing this you will get some stunning pictures just take a look at the shots done so far.



Please note that boilie (Ribiere Gold) and particle orders need to be with me the start of the month before you are coming.  All bait is made fresh and we do not at this time have stock available. If you don’t order it you will not be able to get in on arrival. All your boilie orders will be confirmed to you, so if you don’t get confirmation I don’t have an order from you.