Ribiere Big Carp – what’s the biggest carp in Ribiere?

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As most of you know I aim to keep a list of all the carp over 60lb. It's quite difficult as you don't always get good pictures of both sides of the fish.  So here is my best estimation of the fish close to and over 60lb. Mr Magoo is the biggest fish at 78.8lb a fish and will do 80lb for sure.  Moonscale is next best weight, 76lb, but more often out between 72-74lb.  In addition, there are ten named fish well over 60lb and a further ten that at the right time of the year - spring and autumn - will do 60lb. My view is that this Autumn you will be fishing for three fish over 70lb and one of 80lb and a good number of big 60lb fish (15+).  

2019/20 - Ribiere Big Carp

Name                                weight 2019/20           best previous wight

Moonscale                             76lb (Aug)                        72lb (Aug 2019)

Mr Magoo                              78.8lb (Oct)                     76lb (May 2019)

Two Tone                               68lb (May)                        66lb (May 2019)

Brian                                       61.8lb (June 2017)          62lb (July 2016) 

The long leather                   72lb (May 2019)               61.08lb (Oct 2016)

Black Spot                              60lb (Sept)                      55lb (Oct 2019) 

Eight Scale                             62 lb (July 2019)            61lb (Nov 2016)

The Long Grey                       64lb (May 2020)           62lb   2018

The Big Common                 64lb (March 2020)         60lb 2019

Cookies Common                  62lb (May 2020)            55lb 2019

Their are another eight to ten fish over 60lb with no names. They are listed in the A team Gallery. 

Fish between 55-59lb  

Name                        Weight in 2019

The Torpedo              59lb 

No Name                    58lb (caught by Shaun Lee and Alex Chat) This is a young fish with                                                           two small  very small round scales on its lower belly. 

Shoulders                  58lb (caught by Greg Lewis). I have seen this fish a few times at low 50lb.

I think four or five of these fish will be 60lb in the autumn of 2020.