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Over the last couple of years we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that Ribière has its fair share of big commons for the future. We have had Miranda here for a few years and she comes out around the 25kg, but she was almost alone as our resident big common. So back in 2014 we introduced some new commons. All young and all fast growing, these fish came in at around 15kg.  In addition, last year we put in a very nice 20+kg fish which has now also gone over 24kg. One of the fish from 2014 has also joined the 50lb common club, Cookies common, and has now been out at just over 50lb. So currently we have three very nice commons over 50lb and fast approaching 25kg.

But we are committed to even more commons as we also purchased an additional 20 commons in 2014. These fish are young and fast growing, they are already over 30lb and will not be stocked until 2018/9 winter. I will select the best 10 to stock that are over 20kg and we will leave the rest for another two years, to ensure we have a further supply of bigger fish for 2020.

My expectation is that by 2020/21 we will have at least ten commons over 55lb/25kg and hopefully one or two pushing 60+lb/30kg. I have a particular passion for big commons and think that Ribière has the potential, with the fish we now have, to push them onto special things.

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