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Ribiere - The Big Fish

With over 500 fish is difficult to keep track of all the big fish. So here are just some of the A Team. We have a few others but this at least gives you a good idea of what you are fishing for. Thanks to Peter Belo for his help in compiling the list and verifying the weights and pictures.

Julie 80lb+- One of our older fish she is over 20 years old and has been over 80lb for a number of years. She is normal out three or four times a year. Currently she has not been banked since Summer of 2015. There have been rumours she is dead. But we don't thing so. She has not been found dead and we believe she was lost twice in 2016 from peg 3 and peg 9.

Alex 70lb+ - The twin of Julie stocked at the same time and almost identical often after spawning Julie and Alex are mixed up. Alex had some tail damage which is now fully repaired and we hope he will fill out a little more now to reach close to 80lb. Top weight has been 75lb. Alex is caught 4/5 times a year and tends to come from the same pegs. In 2016 he was caught in peg 8 April, peg 2 May, Peg 7 July and peg 1 October.

Arian's Fish 60+- One of our very nice 60lb fish has been out before spawning at 63.4lb. Comes out normally between 55lb and 60lb but doing well at the moment. Nice scale pattern on this fish an not caught much. Arian banked it with another 60lb fish the little heart in 2015. It was caught by Greg Lewis in August 2016 at 63.10lb a great weight.

Little heart 60+ - Identified by a small heart shaped scale on its left shoulder/flank. Another older fish which has been over 65lb. Gets caught about three times per year but remained elusive in 2016. This fish has been caught all over the lake. Its a great well proportioned fish and one that could go bigger.



Moon Scale Tail 60+ - Identified by a large half moon shaped scale on its tail. This fish is one to watch. A younger fish not yet fully grown and with massive potential. Its been caught between 62-65lb in 2016 and I have high hopes it will be our next 70lb fish. This fish seems to group up with a couple of the other big fish and is often caught as part of a big hit of big fish. Top weight last year was 65lb caught by Julie from peg 6 in July.



The Big Leather 60+ - We have two fish that are almost leathers, no scales except near the tail. This one has some distinctive scars/scratches on one side. A long and lean fish. I suspect a big mail. Still quite young and another one to watch. Currently being caught between 61lb-64lb. Caught by the shimano team in April at 64lb and was out a couple more times last year. I have high hopes for this fish.


The long Leather 60lb+ - This is the other leather. As you can see its another long learn fish. It looks small to me despite its actual size and I think a young fish. Another one to watch and one that has massive potential to get up to 70lb. You can identify it from the white tips on its tail. I think its best weight last year was 63lb when dean had it.

Brian's Fish 60lb+ - One of the big girls. Nice fish and one that gets caught a few times every year. Can be very big if you get here before she spawns. But not been out a mega big weights. Currently getting caught between high 50's after spawning and up to 62lb at the right times. Not a long fish so don't expect this one to do much more that mid to high 60's in the future.



Another 60+ - This fish is very nice and seems to have come from nowhere slowly getting bigger. Nice scale pattern.  Last year it seems do have done particularly well. In 2014 this fish was a run of the mill mid 40lb fish., now its packing it on and just hitting 60lb.


The two tone 55+ - A very special fish and one everyone wants in the album. Not caught a lot maybe twice or three times a year. Only out once 55lb this year. This fish has been around for a few years, but often gets confused with some of the other two tone fish we have. This one has a massive frame and could do 60lb.


Baz 55+ - A very good looking fish, long lean and with three very distinctive scales. This is a young fish coming through from high 40lb just a few years ago to over 50lb then pushing through the 55lb barrier. I think a male again. One that will definitely be 60lb before to long.



Big lyn 55+ - This is a stunner. Just look at it. One of the best looking fish we have. It was caught just a few years ago by Steve Briggs at a big 40lb weight, but over the last couple of years has put on weight at a very nice steady rate. I think this fish could go to 60lb in the next two years. So again one to watch. I think a big male but I might be wrong.


Black Spot 55+ - Every ones faverate 50lb fish. Gets caught a lot. Sometimes twice in a week. It likes to eat this fish. Has been up at 58lb but also down at 53lb after spawning. An older fish which I would like to think has potential but not if it keeps getting caught like it has over the last couple of years. But you never know.


Miranda 55+ - One of a trio of commons that are now pushing onto high 50lb fish. Miranda has been here for some time now and it probably past here peak now. We have stocked a number of big commons two of which are doing well. Miranda is one of our most loved fish and we hope she will continue to push on a little.


Another 55+ - This is a young fish which has started to push through from the low 50lb. This year is the first time we think its go over 55lb and it reached 58lb so that's some going. You will get this from time to time a fish just explodes and then goes quiet again and then pushes on again a few years later. But it shows promise and this fish could go over 60lb in the next year or so. Possibly a very, very special fish, and one we need to put on the radar.